The International Seminar on Bioscience and Biological Education (ISBBE)


The World of Biological Education and Research in Biosciences generally have considerable global challenges in the 21st century. Creative and innovative human resources are important factors to answer the challenges. Empowering the community of educators and researchers is a necessity. Relevant and significant education and qualified processes is the important key to improve the qualification of biological education and bioscience researchers to keep up with the acceleration of the development, and built the ability to overcome the challenges. The issues of global warming, the development of alternative energy resources, medical and medicine fields, and that of food resources and the biological and biotechnology-based industries are the needs, opportunities and challenges for biological education and bioscience researchers in Indonesia.

In a highly open global information era, sharing creative ideas and cooperation in the field of biological and biosciences education must be improved through various fora and media including international seminar. The forum will be a vehicle to raise creative and innovative ideas among Indonesian and international educators, and those of education and bioscience researchers. In accordance with the focus of the problem, the international seminar is given the theme “Research and Education Innovation on Bioscience for the 21th Century Challenges.” At this seminar, the Committee invites several biological education experts and bioscience researchers who already have reputation as keynote and invited speakers. Moreover, the committee also invites other Indonesian and foreign educators, educational researchers and bioscience researchers to share with.

All incoming papers will be selected and reviewed by relevant experts both from internal and external UNY. Qualified and eligible to published articles will be facilitated to submit to several selected Scopus-indexed International Journals,  Scopus-indexed Proceedings, National Journals and  the others  will be published in ISBBE 2018  proceeding.


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